Niestety skaner nie odał pięknych, żywych kolorów widokówki :(

Z tyłu pocztówki:
St. Augustine, Florida
Flagler Buildings

Henry M. Flagler was so impressed with the charm and possibilities of the area, he had two new hotels built, the Ponce de Leon and the Alcazar. Flagler purchased the newly constructed Casa Monica and renamed it the Hotel Cordova. With the opening of these three hotels, the wealthy and fashionable flocked to St. Augusting, which became known as the "Southern Newport". The Memorial Presbyterian Chuch was built by Henry Flagler in 1889 as a memorial to his only daughter, Jenny Louise Benedict, who died at sea enroute to St. Augstine. It is a fine example of Venetian Renaissance archicecture.

Discover more about St. Augustine by visitng www. augustine. com

Osobiście najbardziej podoba mi się Flager College czyli ten w dolnym lewym rogu :)

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